How to place successful bets on hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular winter sports in the world. It is not surprising that hockey betting is popular as well, confidently taking the fourth place in terms of prevalence. Unlike football, this sport has a limited number of tournaments on which you can gamble. Most often these are the most reputable leagues – NHL, KHL, SHL and several European championships (Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland). So, what do you need to place a successful bet?

Why is hockey so popular?

It is more dynamic than football, here goals are scored more often and penalties are earned, so there are even more options for analysis than in rich football lists. To be successful, as in any other sport, you need a thorough approach with the study of statistics, the calendar, the form of teams and leaders, monitoring the news and other bookmaker routines.
This is a very dynamic and interesting sport, which is why it is popular among fans.
It is played by two teams, which consist of goalkeepers, defenders and forwards. At the same time, the goalkeeper and the players of the same squad, which consists of five players, are on the ice. And just one team usually consists of four links, which change periodically, in order to give teammates a rest. Teams play three periods of twenty minutes each with time stopping (in case of violation, forwarding, offside, etc.) The team that scores the most goals wins.

Popular types of bets on hockey

On the outcome. They are considered classics in hockey gambling. Traditionally, when playing for an outcome, you need to carefully monitor the statistics, it will help you understand many patterns. For example, from year to year in the KHL, the hosts win 45% of the meetings, and the away team win 42%, the rest of the outcomes are won in overtime.
Total bets. Let’s remember that this type involves gambling on the number of sports indicators (points, goals, games). Applicable to this sport – abandoned pucks. Bookmakers themselves offer their probable number, and the bettor needs to predict based on this. Therefore, there is a total over
and a total under. In addition, there can be an individual total for one team and a collective total for both. Usually the total limit in this sport is conventionally equal to 5.5 goals.
Handicap. Handicap assumes a certain handicap, taking into account which a bet is made on any team. At the same time, you need to be as confident as possible in the strength of “your” team, otherwise the loss of money cannot be avoided. If the opponent is approximately equal to her class, it is better not to risk it.

Why should you try betting on hockey?

If you are a try hockey fan it will be easy for you to succeed in gambling in this sport. Even if you are new to this sport and gambling on it you should not be afraid and just do a profound research.