How to bet on tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular individual sports in the world. It is a sport with a long history which has conquered the hearts of a billion fans and entered the top 10 of the global pool of the betting market. Tennis is a specific and interesting space for betting. Let’s find out how to place a bet on it.

Basics you need to know about tennis

This sport is divided into men’s (ATP), women’s (WTA) and mixed – variations of a mixed game, two people per team. The most popular are individual competitions. For men and women, the match is divided into sets, in which you need to pick up six games or more.
There are many different tournaments. It is not so easy to understand their classification and meaning for the ranking of players, but the main championships stand out against the background of others: ATP tours for men and WTA tours for women.
The most prestigious Grand Slam championships are held in Australia, USA, Great Britain and France. They are followed by 9 mandatory Masters tournaments in the United States (3), Canada, Monaco, Italy, Spain, France, China. You can find their matches in every bookmaker’s office with a wide list. Below the level are Challenger tours and ITF competitions, where players who are far from the elite play. Not all performances are available to bet. It is easier to hit the jackpot on a high quote in such tournaments, because sensations often happen here.
For national teams, the most important competitions are the Davis Cup for men and the Fed Cup for women.

Pros and cons of tennis betting

Experienced bettors know about the benefits of tennis betting. There are two athletes on the court, so it is much easier to determine which player is in shape, to take into account both physical and psycho-emotional state.
But you should still do it in live mode. Already in the course of the match, it becomes obvious that one of the participants has lost his confidence and no longer believes in victory.
Due to the dynamism of this sport, comebacks are frequent. The competition schedule is tight, busy, and players have less recovery time. It is played on different types of surfaces, so the winter break is minimal. Tournaments are held all year round. An exception is the two-week New Year’s pause.
Tennis is a solo sport. If one participant is emotionally depressed, it is not compensated by teammates. If there is an injury, there will be no replacement. In this case, the player who won is simply removed from the game.

Why should you bet on tennis?

Betting on this sport is suitable for those bettors who understand the sport and are passionate about the events that take place in the world of racket and ball. This sport is simply adored by fans of live bets. For beginner bettors, we recommend that at first not bet large amounts and learn the intricacies of the game.