How much damage did the sand dunes receive?

Sand dunes in northeastern Scotland were damaged by the construction of a golf course by former US President Donald Trump.
A golf course was opened in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 2012. Trump bought a waterfront lot in the county back in 2006 with the goal of building the world’s finest golf course. The ex-president’s plans have drawn criticism from conservationists. But in 2008 they found support from the Scottish government, which expected economic benefits from the project. Also, Trump was on good terms with Alex Salmond, then the first minister of Scotland.
Trump said that no damage will be done to the sand dunes, and their condition will only improve. However, as a result, part of the extremely sensitive ecosystem on which a golf course called Trump International Golf Links was built has been largely destroyed.

US President Donald Trump owns 17 golf resorts around the world. Typically, after buying a club, Trump spends millions more to improve its infrastructure. In Scotland itself, some thank Trump for attracting tourists and helping businesses near the North Sea. Others are unhappy that a person with such ambiguous views is buying up local lands and building fields on them, damaging the dunes.
Locals have already sent thousands of letters to Scottish politicians asking them to veto the project because in addition to environmental pollution, the construction of 550 houses can lead to traffic jams.